September 23, 2022

Environmental Stewardship Reimagined with Kati​ McCartney

From heavy manufacturing and mining, to construction and municipal projects, their seamless consulting and technology solutions provide business stability and environmental sustainability. From the ancient Norse word for frog, FROSKR is a new take on what it means to be confident and compliant when dealing with complex environmental issues. A sensitive indicator species, frogs breathe partially, and drink fully, through their skin. When the environment suffers, so do frogs. A healthy frog population means sustained environmental health and stability. A project with FROSKR means just the same.

Based out of Northern Ontario you may know them from FROSKR’s sister company, BESTECH, a 25-year-old multi-disciplinary engineering firm. Together their collective clients span many industries, but they do work primarily with partners in the mining industry!

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