April 22, 2021

FROSKR fosters love of environmental learning at Hélène-Gravel

Provides a donation to create an outdoor classroom

FROSKR, a leader in environmental monitoring and consulting, provided a donation to École publique Hélène-Gravel to help realize their vision of developing an outdoor classroom. FROSKR is a Sudbury born, global leading environmental technology and consulting firm currently overseeing a large-scale air quality monitoring network across the Sudbury region.

“We are very excited about Hélène-Gravel’s new outdoor classroom which will facilitate education about the environment in a living classroom. This initiative is close to our hearts for a few reasons.” Kati McCartney, President of FROSKR, “At FROSKR, protecting the natural environment is at the core of everything we do. This passion started for myself, and the team at FROSKR, around the same age as the students a Hélène-Gravel. FROSKR, which operates an environmental air quality monitoring station on the school’s property, knows the vital role teachers play in integrating nature and the environment into the curriculum to solve our generation’s greatest environmental challenge, climate change”.

“Even better than the generous donation is the relationship we are developing with FROSKR; it’s a big advantage to our students to have leaders in environmental stewardship take an interest in their learning, and see a community come together to support this project.” Jocelyne Schiewek, Direction par interim.

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